Double Fractionated Palm Olein, or Super Olein is a softer type of olein obtained by fractionation of the standard olein, in order to achieve the maximum possible fluidity. The name is usually abbreviated as POoo or DFPOo, the first one more usual in technical writings. This is a speciality product, for which there is no common standard such as PORAM, and so there are differences according to manufacturer. Its price is always at a premium to standard olein.

The main characteristics of POoo are SMP 13-17 C, IV 60-68 and SFC 0-26% at 10C. Its major fatty acids are palmitic acid (35%), oleic acid (45%) and linoleic acid (13%). Different manufacturers set their own limits within the above ranges.

POoo is used for bottling, as it remains fully liquid in tropical climates and also in temperate climates if blended with sufficient seed oil. Its great advantage over the major seed oils is its much greater resistance to oxidation.