Palm Stearin is the harder fraction from the fractionation of palm oil, the softer fraction being the olein. The name stearin is usually abbreviated as POs or PS, with the first one more usual in technical writings. The demand for stearin is lower than that for olein and so it has always been sold at discount to both olein and palm oil.

The main characteristics of POs are SMP 47-54 C, IV 28-45 and SFC 25-71% at 20C. Its average fatty acid composition is palmitic acid (57%), oleic acid (29%) and linoleic acid (7%). However RBD POs is usually traded on the PORAM specification of FFA 0.2% max, SMP 44C min. and IV 48 max. on loading. In the past there was much futile debate whether oils of such high melting points would have reduced digestibility and indeed whether they could be considered edible. POs is meant to be blended with other softer oils and it is the MP of the blend that counts and not that of its components.

Palm stearin is very useful in the formulation of pastry margarine, of table margarine with interesterification and of hard long lasting soap.