Palm Olein (POo) is the softer fraction obtained on fractionation of palm oil, the harder fraction being the stearin. The name palm olein is usually abbreviated as POo, POL, or PL, the first one more usual in technical writings. This oil was developed in order to expand the range of uses of PO and it has been extremely successful. Now more RBDPOo is traded internationally than RBDPO.

The main characteristics of POo are SMP 19-24C, IV 56-62 and SFC 0-9 % at 20C. Its average fatty acid composition is palmitic acid (41%), oleic acid (42%) and linoleic acid (12%). However, RBD POo is usually traded on the specification of FFA 0.1% max, SMP 24C max and IV 56 min. on loading. There is a good inverse correlation between the IV and the SMP and SFC of olein, and buyers should aim for the highest value.

POo is much more stable to oxidation and flavour deterioration than any of the major seed oils, its main disadvantage being its tendency to become cloudy, or even semi-solid, in temperate climates.