As in the case of PO, substantial quantities of PKO are fractionated in the producing countries and in Europe, into PKs and palm kernel olein (PKOo), but in this case the stearin is the more valuable product. Compared with PKO, it has higher melting point, lower IV and higher SFC at all temperatures. Typical values are SMP 32-33C, IV 6-8, SFC(20) about 82% and SFC(35) 0%. The lauric acid (C12:0) content is about 57%.

The combination of very high SFC(20), low MP and good oxidative stability, makes PKs an excellent confectionery fat. Its main use is as a cocoa butter substitute (CBS), either as it stands or after some hydrogenation. It is also used for other confectionery products, high quality biscuit creams, toppings and similar products. In the past, when most of its production was concentrated in West Europe, this fat was a rather expensive speciality. But with rapidly increasing PKO production and fractionation moving to S.E. Asia, it is becoming much more easily accessible, and competitively priced.